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new architectural shingle roof in Jackson, MS by Kaldrea Construction


Many people fight with pesky leaks for months, even years. Some try DIY fixes only to soon find that they didn't work. 

Copper Masters Roofing is happy to provide reliable roof maintenance, repair, and replacement services. We have decades of expertise to be able to get to the bottom of the problem and provide a long-lasting solution. We work hard so that you can worry about something else when it rains!


Copper, of course, is our premium choice. You can find more information about our copper options by clicking here.

We also offer painted metal roof installation. Metal roofing is a more sustainable choice than shingles, sheds water more readily, and provides some energy-saving benefits as it reflects light. 

We install either exposed fastener style panels or standing seam panels. Standing seams provide an extra layer of protection and also better allow for expansion and contraction. 

Custom Painted Metal roof in Jackson, MS by Kaldrea Construction
TPO residential flat roof replacement in Jackson, MS by Kaldrea Construction


Aside from commercial roofs, TPO is also perfect for flat residential roof replacement on areas such as:

  • porch 

  • patio

  • entryway 


These areas do not always shed water properly, and therefore leave your home vulnerable to leaks. TPO provides a seamless waterproof barrier and even adds energy efficiency due to its reflectivity. 


Here at Copper Masters Roofing, we don't believe in taking a quick dollar in exchange for cheap repairs. We strive to get to the root of the problem and provide a long-term solution.


We know the process of getting a new roof or roof repairs can be stressful, so we do our best to alleviate that stress by having open communication with each homeowner. This involves providing an honest assessment of damage and being up front about whether or not there is a legitimate claim. If a claim should be filed with an insurance company, we would be happy to also share pictures and relevant information with the insurance agent and/or adjuster. At the homeowner's request, we can also meet the insurance adjuster on site to show them the damage.

Once the roofing project has started, we are happy to share pictures of the work being done. We want our customers to feel valued and have full confidence in the work being done. 

TPO residential flat roof replacement in Jackson, MS by Kaldrea Construction
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