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Standing Seam Copper Porch Roof and Dormers Jackson MS


  • COPPER: dormers, chimney caps, flashings, awnings, and specialty projects

  • ROOF AND GUTTER: maintenance, repair, and replacement

  • CHIMNEY: inspection and waterproofing

We work hard so you can worry about something else when it rains!

soldering copper chimney flashing


We believe true craftsmanship and quality should be evident in each and every one of our jobs. This is especially true with copper, where soldering has become a lost art. Copper Masters Roofing is known for bringing this highest standard of quality to ensure the longevity and reliability of your copper roofing system.

Custom copper chimney cap by Kaldrea Construction
Complete roof replacement by Kaldrea Construction


Whether you are in need of minor repairs, maintenance or a complete re-roof, we have the expertise to get to the bottom of the problem and resolve it. We strongly believe in open communication and are happy to provide pictures before, during, and after the project so you can have full confidence that the job has been done right. 

TPO flat roof by Kaldrea Construction
full and dirty gutter


If not cared for properly, gutters can do more harm than good. But when they are properly maintained, they can not only divert water away from walkways but also prevent foundation problems from water runoff. 

Copper Masters Roofing provides gutter cleaning services, installs gutter guards, and also offers installation of seamless gutters, which eliminate weak points.

clean gutter and gutter guards installed
Chimney waterproofing by Kaldrea Construction.


While chimneys provide a great focal point or place to gather in the home, many people soon learn they can also be the source of leaks, even when brand new. We offer free assessments of your chimney and it's surrounding components to be able to point you in the direction of the best solution.

cracked leaky chimney bricks
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